I provided technical editing services for the following documents. In each case, my task was to make sure that the copy was correct, complete, and crystal clear.

Each of the following Best Practices reports can be downloaded at this Web page. (The links are about halfway down the page.)

Best Practices in Addressing NPDES and Other Water quality Issues in Highway System Management consider the perspectives of both environmental protection and transportation agencies in identifying effective practices for ensuring compliance with regulations and achieving broader objectives.

Best Practices in Managing STIPS, TIPS, and Metropolitan Transportation Plans in Response to Fiscal Constraints considers how state and metropolitan agencies address institutional and technical issues in identifying and applying fiscal constraints to modify their highways system plans.

Best Practices in Project Delivery Management considers organizational factors that influence the ability of agencies to reliably deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Best Practices in Accelerated Construction Techniques focuses on actual construction operations and management practices rather than contractual or other incentives to develop and apply such practices.

Best Practices in Winter Maintenance includes operating methods, equipment and materials that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of snow and ice control operations, considering local government as well as state DOT experience. 

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